China “Broke The Deal” In Trade Talks, Need To Pay Stiff Tariffs, Claims Donald Trump - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, United States President Donald Trump informed that China has “broke the deal” in trade talks defeating Washington, therefore, Chinese people need to face stiff tariffs if no agreement is done.

President Trump addresses his supporters at a rally in Florida and said, “You see the tariffs we’re doing?” adding that “because they broke the deal… They broke the deal. So they’re flying in. The vice premier tomorrow is flying in, but they broke the deal. They can’t do that. So they’ll be paying. If we don’t make the deal, nothing wrong with taking in more than $100 billion a year.”

The US President had threatened to force additional tariffs on Chinese products starting on Friday after China backtracked on notable commitments it had made during the ongoing trade discussion, informed the US trade officials.

More details are awaited.

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