California Nurse Scrambled Through Fires To Save Lives - TNBC USA

While Allyn Pierce reached at her workplace in the Last Thursday morning, the sky of Paradise in California became a weird shade of flamed orange, bolted with smoke. A devastating wildfire had erupted the area before several hours and the blaze was reaching at an alarming pace through the Butte County town.

At 8 a.m. the imminent blaze of wildfire was threatening the entire ambience of the Adventist Health Feather River hospital where Pierce worked as a registered ICU manager and nurse. Pierce along with his team gathered few dozen patients of the hospital with scurrying for shifting by ambulance. By 9.30 a.m. only he along with two colleagues were the last persons to be shifted.

They rushed into her White Toyota Tundra and moving toward the south for less than a mile. Then to the east through the wooded Pearson Road. Pierce had bought the Tundra before a year and spent so many weekends with recreation tour. But now he was depending on”The Pandora” to move safely from the town on the fire.

Soon he discovered himself at a standpoint being trapped in a line of other vehicles, as the conflagration encircled the woods on the other side of Pearson Road. A deserted vehicle on fire blocked him from the left.

To keep calm his passengers Pierce played the soundtrack from “Deadpool 2”, though she was panicking inside.

Pierce told The Washington Post in a phone interview, “ I was calm because I’m a nurse and that’s what we do, But I was terrified… I really did think I was going to die”.

Around them, the haze was becoming more condensed until they could hardly see the outlines of a fire truck stopped at his right. Her two colleagues scrambled out to take shelter with the fire extinguishers who set the shielding Mylar blankets over their windows.

After few times, Pierce witnessed the cars had been inflamed around him like a wood or something like that. At that moment the colour of the sky turned into neon grey from a furious red, as the blaze was escalating the sides of the truck.

Pierce and the others went to the hospital for picking the supplies to set a temporary safe zone outside. With lots of amazement, they noticed the hospital was still standing without any damage after one hour of their initial evacuation. Most surprisingly, the dozens of firefighters, police officers along with emergency workers were nursing the newly shifted patients from another affected area.

The parking lot of the hospital turned into an emergency room, with sufficient food, gurneys, IV bags, wheelchairs and a seating area.

In his Instagram profile, Pierce added an image of the vehicle with a hashtag #perfectmarshmellow.

He added, “This truck literally saved my life today,” Pierce wrote in the caption. “My little town of Paradise was literally burning down around me and @the_pandra got me to safety where I could help others… twice.”

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