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Brain Ross withdrew his position from ABC News

by Chandrani Sarkar | July 30, 2018

Just after seven months, covering an ‘exclusive’ report on Russia and Donald Trump, Brain Ross is finally leaving is journalist position in ABC News. The report that he brought in focus to the countrymen, sent the stock market into a tumble.

James Goldston disclosed on Monday to staffers that Ross and Rhonda Schwartz, the producer have taken the decision to withdraw their position from the company. Goldston reports, “In their long careers here, Brain, Rhonda, and their team have been recognized with nearly every prestigious award in our business – an impressive tally of four George Polk awards, four Peabody awards, four duPonts, five Murrows, 17 News and Documentary Emmys and the Harvard Goldsmith Prize, in 2014, for the single best investigation report in print or broadcast.”

Goldston further said, “They’ve exposed government corruption at every level, international human rights abuses and fraud, uncovered dangerous working conditions, sexual abuse cover-ups, and dishonest business practices. Their work has led repeatedly to real changes in policy in the U.S. and around the world. They broke numerous stories following 9/11 about the government investigation of the attacks, from the identification of the terrorists to secret CIA prisons. Over the years they have built a team of the best investigative journalists in our industry, and they leave behind an outstanding group that will continue to break stories for many years to come.”

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However, they did not disclose it directly that where Schwartz and Ross were joining next.

In the first quarter of this year, Ross was demoted by his company because of the suspension, after he incorrectly reports on live, which fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn confirming that Trump asking him to make connections with Russian’s regarding foreign policy. However, Trump was still then a candidate. This news about Trump was terrifying and immediately sent the stock market into a tumble.

After a terrible situation, ABC News was forced to withdraw their words, reports Goldston on a staff-conference call. Therefore, Ross felt disappointment, rage and frustrated, unlike never before in his throughout the career. Ross, in one of his statement reports to ABC News, “has not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process.”

He further says, “It is vital we get the story right and retain the trust we have built with our audience.” He also talked about his ‘core principles’ and says, “We fell far short of that.”

Just after the wrong charges upon Trump, Ross was suspended from ABC News, reports President Donald Trump to the Florida crowd and also demands the company to fire Ross. Trump denotes Brain Ross as “ABC fraudster”. He continued, “They suspended him for a month. They should have fired him for what he wrote. He drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes, which by the way, tells you they really like me, right? When you think of it, and you know what he cost people? And I said to everybody: ‘get yourself a lawyer and sue ABC News, sue them.”

After this incident, Trump many times attacked ABC News, Ross, and Disney, ABC’s parent company as well. Ross was re-assigned in ABC News to his position in Lincoln Square Production after he returns back from his early suspension. Many insiders already understood that Ross will no longer continue working at ABC News as he was banned from covering Trump anymore.

This shuffle is kind of black marks for Ross and also in his career, who has been working as a Journalist since 1994 at ABC News after working nearly two decades at NBC News. In 2012, Ross also covered the scandal of James Holmes, the Colorado Movie theatre shooter, who was a part of the Tea Party Movement. He has been authorized for his previous mistakes.

Schwartz was also there with Brain Ross, was re-positioned to Lincoln Square. Both of them reports to their colleagues that they are not completed reporting.

Schwartz and Ross wrote in their farewell note, “While we are signing off from ABC News, we are hardly leaving investigation journalism. There is much more to do.”

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