The aviation regulator of the United States has not accepted the proposed fix for the aircraft model MAX 737of Boeing, which has been rescinded globally pursuing the two deadly crashes, as per the claims of the agency Chief.

Boeing has informed that it will mend Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System  (MCAS) stall prevention system, which has been accused of the two crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia which killed totally 346 people and triggered the international rescinding of the US-based aircraft manufacturer’s best-selling model Boeing.

Boeing told previous week that it had completed the proposed changes directed by the regulators of the US Federal Aviation Administration, but the interim Chief of the agency Dan Elwell informed the reporters that the agencies had not experienced the fixes.

He claimed on the subsidiary of a meeting of the global aviation regulators in Fort Worth, “ We are still waiting for Boeing to formally submit the software for approval”.

Elwell also said that FAA sent additional questions to Boeing about its proposed fixes for the MAX aircraft, which triggered delay.

The summit set to start will see the effort of regaining the trust and also an attempt to re-establish the trust with the aviation regulators from 33 countries including China, Canada and the European Union, as well as Indonesia.

The regulator invited the summit to go through the moves to take address the concerns with the MAX aircraft after it was condemned for pulling its feet on the ordering the grounded jets. American and the Canadian regulators have a conflict on the proper training for the 737 MAX 8, with Canada persisting the pilots training in a flight simulator and the US claiming a training course on a computer or iPad is sufficient

Elwell said, “we haven’t determined the final training yet ”. TWo American carriers – Southwest and American have announced the plannings for restarting the flights on their MAX aircraft from August with the expectations of fix will be completed by then.

The Chief of the Federal Aviation Administration included that he could not claim while the jet would be back in the services, accusing the current delay. According to Elwell, “ it takes as long as it takes to be right”.  He also added, “we need to be the first to lift the prohibition. ”

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