An US-African employee at Boeing’s Charleston, at South Carolina, spy has accused and he claimed he was a “victim to targeted racial harassment of an intentionally extreme and outrageous nature ”, according to the legislation.

The claims, which Boeing refuses, add race-based intolerance, revenge, the international imposition of emotional distress, violation of the Family Medical Leave Act, and breach of contract with deceptive intent, per court documents.

A quality inspector, Curtis Anthony has worked since 2011, facilitates the construction of the 787 aircraft, accused in the legislation which starting approximately April 2017, his chiefly white co-workers tinkled on his desk and chair, used the n-word in his presence, and attempted to get him to violate the protocol.

And then, in March, someone left a running knot on his desk.  A quality inspector, Curtis Anthony told after being reported the lawsuit. I have seen a lot in dealing with the noose and people who live on the dark side instead of leaving in the light side and people which will always use that as a symbol of disgust.

He resumed, “it reflected me in a way that it deteriorated me from doing my job”. He also included, “ it put me back to when I would see people that would represent the noose. Whether they represented it or not, it just brought back bad memories from my past.”

The accused intimidation proved destructive to the health of Anthony, and he took a leave of absence in late 2017 under the Family Medical Leave to act for seeking treatment for the mental and emotional distress caused by racist forcing according to the lawsuit.

The lawyer Donald Gist told, “ urinating on someone’s desk and using racial epithets and slurs is not the usual state of business,” representing Anthony.

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