Brandon Clark, a New York man, was charged with killing a 17-year-old Utica teen Bianca Devins. On Monday, the accused appeared before the Oneida County Court with his plea and admitted to stabbing and killing Devins on July 14 in Utica and sharing pictures of her body on social media.

He was pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. The court gave 25 years to life in prison. On Sunday Morning Clark said, “I know she didn’t deserve what happened to her,” 

“And I think that I need to realize that what I did, I can’t undo, as much as I want to, and I need to face it. And I apologize to all the people that knew and loved her. I apologize to everybody affected by this.”

Bianca Devins’ Murderer Admits Killing and Pleads Guilty |

Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Sarah DeMellier said the charge of promoting prison contraband could have added an additional 2⅓ to seven years detained.

“He’s a very manipulative individual. He tells different people in his life different reasons why he did what he did,” she said. DeMellier questioned Clark before pleading guilty about his social media posts and his previous internet searches.

The convict confessed that he searched for information related to the killing or disabling someone. He testified that after killing the victim with a knife, he posted on social media that he would kill himself and shared photos of her remains.  

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