Benson Oak's new fund to invest in Israeli blockchain technology - TNBC USA

TEL AVIV (News Service) – On Sunday the European Bank Benson Oak said that it had shielded a $25 million fund for investment commitments for a dedicated fund for Israel. However, it aims to raise a total of $100 million in total.

The Benson Oak Ventures with back Israeli startups with putting the focus on blockchain technologies. The first technology fund from Benson Oak was in the year 2003. It had put in an investment in an Internet Security Company AVG which had a far investment return of 100 times after it went openly to everyone on the New York Stock Exchange.

Three funds have established by the Benson Oak leading to investment in the high tech in the United States, Israel, and the Czech Republic. The investors are likely to include private individuals, offices and strategic companies around the world.


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