In the Arizona desert, while her mother was searching for water, six years old Gurpreet Kaur failed to find any “rescue beacon” which US border patrol agents coordinate in the wild area for helping the deserted migrants who find themselves in danger. Finally, the little girl died of dehydration. The girl from India also failed to find water and food while Uncle Sam does not leave in the desert. Actually, declines the role of Good Samaritans from worrying the immigrants who have no documents in the dangerous journey from Mexico to the United States.

The matter of providing a life-saving beacon to the helpless migrants is actually a grim irony recognized by Scott Warren but refused them to give food and water for life.

The geography teacher, who is 36 years old has been accused of plotting to transport and docking migrants, while his defense solicitors are discussing that he and “No more deaths”.The humanitarian organization with whom he works with was simply providing two migrants with food, lodging, and water, while he was imprisoned in early 2018.

Little Gurpreet was another example of a humanitarian crisis at the border of US-Mexico with the matter if illicit crossing. Last week, a solicitor of Arizona has untied over sentencing Warren.

Prosecutors directed that she have to stay 20 years in prison.

The incident of Gurpreet’s death  has also drawn attention to the growing number of illegal immigrants from India, mostly from Punjab, who are  trying to enter the US not only from Mexico at the Southern Border , but also via “panga” boats , an open , common fishing vessel in the Caribbean and Latin America.

In March, this year, six Indian personnel were arrested in upstate New York, highlighting to smuggle the rings which also work on the Northern border. Indians have also been arrested on the Pacific coast of California.

But including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indian and Nepalese illegal immigrants selected Mexico border as their favorite entry point.

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