Based on US Campaign Trail Trump And Oprah Go For Head To Head - TNBC USA

Five days before the elections, two former political opposites and TV Stars –  Oprah Winfrey and President Donald Trump directed the campaign trail in the US and it will dictate whether the Republicans conserve the control of the Congress.

Winfrey became apparent in Georgia to oppose Democrat Stacey Abrams who is trying to become the first black female governor of the United States.

The former TV talk show and movie star told addressing a crowd in Cobb County in the  North West of Atlanta, “ I am here today to support a change maker She is dynamic. She is so inspired and inspiring”.

Once Trump gained the countrywide fame as a reality show star. But now he was in the campaign with the fellow Republican Josh Hawley, who is campaigning to dislodge the US Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

The trial between former state lawmaker Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp has become an in the battle of voter access. As the State Secretary of Georgia, Kemp supervises the elections of Southern State.

Georgia holds one of the toughest voter ID laws which alerts the Republicans that proper arrangements for preventing the illegal votes are necessary. The Democrats combated the regulations which unreasonably block the poor people and the minority of the group members to vote.

According to Abrams the improvement of the healthcare system of States was the top priority in the list of the issues that she wanted to host if elected. A significant message that bordered the national focus of the Democrats as they try to gain the control of at least one chamber of the Congress, which would provide them with the potential to oppose the agenda of Trump.

Abrams said, “The Republican solution has been nothing. It has been absolutely nothing”.

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