At Newark Liberty International Airport Spotting of Drone Activity Postpones Air Traffic - TNBC USA

Air traffic at Newark Liberty International Airport was provisionally sized in the early evening after spotting of two drones in the area. The representative of the Federal Aviation Administration, Gregory Martin told the drones were noticed flying near Teterboro Airport around 5 PM. Teterboro is a general aviation airport situated about 20 miles north of Newark International. As a safeguard, reaching flights at Newark were temporarily held. He said the ground stop was put into place as a precautionary measure.

The drones can severely damage of aircraft and distract the pilots. The drones involved in the Newark incident were flying above 3,500 feet according to the familiar officials.

Passengers claimed that some flights were pushed to circle the airport before getting the clear signal for landing. Martin told that there is a ground stop in place at other airports on flights started for Newark after the backlogs of another arrivals have been clearly landed.

According to the officials of the United Airlines, that they were surveilling reports of drone activity in the Newark area, but that the influence on its flight operations had been minimal. The airline said, “We are working closely with the airport and the FAA to return our operations to normal as quickly as possible ”.

Earlier in this month, officials were pushed to postpone flights at the Heathrow Airport of London after spotting the drone activity. In December, officials at Gatwick Airport postponed flights twice in the same week because of drone activity. Two people imprisoned for the connection with those incidents. While a drone stroke with a passenger plane over Quebec City in the last year, the plane landed safely. But officials told a point differently about an impact could have been destructive.




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