Assassination Snatched 8 Lives of US Family in Same “Execution Style” - TNBC USA

According to the declaration of the state officials on Tuesday afternoon, four members from a family has been arrested for the involvement in the 2016 assassination which snatches the lives of seven adults and 16 years aged boy at Pike County in Ohio.

As per a news, release police has taken four accused members of the Wagner family of South Webster into their custody based on the charge of devising and successfully executing the murders of members of the Rhoden family.

The arrested members were 47 years aged George “Billy” Wagner III, 27 years aged George Wagner IV, 26 years aged Edward “Jake” Wagner and 48 years aged Angela Wagner.

The initial reports of the assassinations recount a savaging scene in the rural background of Pike County on 22nd April of 2016. According to the description of the authority, the eight members of the Rhoden family had been shooted in the head and everyone had been slain in the same “execution style”. The body of the dead members of the Rhoden family had been scattered in the four different houses within close proximity with each other.  Some of the victims were still sleeping while they were shot.

The victims of the assassination were Christopher Rhoden of 40, his ex-wife partner Dana Manley of 37 and their three children Jr. Christopher Rhoden of 16, Hannah May Rhoden of 19 Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden of 20 along with his fiancee Hannah “Hazel” Gilley of 20, as well as the brother of Sr. Christopher Rhoden, Kenneth Rhoden of 44 and cousin Gray Rhoden of 38.

According to the Attorney General Mike DeWine, the entire episode of slaying was “preplanned” and “sophisticated ”. The newborn baby of Hannah Rhoden was remained alive and found the side of her mother’s body. A child of 6 months of Hannah Gilley and another child was also remained unscathed. The officials of the Associated Press did not disclose the motive of this awful assassination.

County Sheriff Charles Reader said, “Never have I imagined such devastation to the family, to the county, to myself or to the staff”.


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