Asian- American Artist Tyrus Wong Birthday Celebrated By Google Doodle - TNBC USA

A Chinese-born American artist who is known for some of the most well-known images in American pop culture Today, Google Doodle celebrates the 108th birthday of Tyrus Wong. Tyrus Wong drew inspiration from Song dynasty classical Chinese painting, as Wong is most influential and celebrated Asian- American artists of the 20th century, Wong is best remembered for his work on ‘Bambi’, a 1942 Disney film where he was lead production illustrator.

However, Tyrus Wong love for art shown by the Google doodle. The love for art was early recognized by his father, who could only afford for Wong to practice calligraphy using water and newspaper as well as study Chinese art at the Los Angeles Central library.

In 1938, Walt Disney hired Tyrus Wong as an inbetweener intern, an illustrator who sketches between key animator sketches, forming the movement of a character or object. It was at Disney that he worked on Bambi. Tyrus Wong was only credited as one of many “ background artists” and his contributions went unrecognized for years. His contributions to Hollywood were finally recognized in 2001 when he was named a “ Disney Legend”. Then the release of Bambi Tyrus Wong was fired from Disney as a result of the Disney animators strike.

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