On Thursday, Washington reached the first level as a state for making legal the human compositing after its eco-friendly governor making a signature on a bill to that effect to cut the carbon emissions from burials and cremations.

According to new enforcement of the law which will be effective in May of the coming year, the people going to die in the United State will get the option for transforming their bodies into suitable soil for use in gardening through a specific procedure and not it is called recomposition.

Katrine Spade who petitioned for the law and also  is the founder of Recompose, a company in Seattle to be the first to offer the service  , said “recomposition offers an alternative to embalming and burial or cremation that is natural, safe, sustainable, and will result in significant savings in carbon emissions and land usage ”.

In a significant statement, Ms. Spade included, “ the idea of returning to nature so directly and being folded back into the cycle of life and death is actually pretty beautiful”.

She informed that she became interested in the procedure a minimum 10 years ago after turning 30 and thinking more about her own morality.

Then Spade started monitoring the technical facet of emerging an eco-friendly “third option” which could compete with the $20-billion US funeral industry, which offers traditional burial and cremation.

Her proposal has been developed in the State University of Washington, which went through several clinical trials along with donor bodies- invitations for a dead person to be established in a hexagonal steel container filled with wood chips, straw, and alfalfa.

Then the container is closed and the body goes through the procedure of the decomposition by the microbes within 30 days. In the end, the product is a dry, fluffy nutrient-rich soil resembling what one would buy from the local nursery and it also suitable for the vegetable gardens.

Katrine Spade said, “ everything – including bones and teeth – is recomposed”. He also added, “that’s because our system creates the perfect environment for thermophilic microbes and beneficial bacteria to break everything down quite quickly. ”

The proceeding followed by recomposing is the similar as that used for a long period time along with farm animals and the clinical trials conducted by the University of Washington discovered that it was also safe for the use of humans.

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