Arizona man arrested for threatening President Trump to “put a bullet” in his head - TNBC USA

A 39-years-old man from Arizona’s the United States was sentenced to 37-months in jail for threatening to kill the US President Donald Trump, reports an official.

As per the official statement, Jerrod Hunter Schmidt was found responsible in September for threatening the US President and for making threatening communications across the states.

The convict Schmidt has made a series of calls from April 10 to April 11, after that he has learned about his conviction for a crime he had committed before.

Mr. Schmidt has left voice messages threatening that he plans to “Kill President Trump and put a bullet in his head,” reports source.

He further threatened to kill one of the clerks of the Nebraska Court of Appeals, which had affirmed his conviction. The convict also threatened to target other local political figures of the United States.

The Secret Service conducted a probe over the case. Mr. Schmidt will be on 3-years of supervised that was released after serving 37-months in federal prison.

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