As a renowned and straightforward critic of Donald Trump and Democratic US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who is the champion of #MeToo movement based on women issue, declared she was participating into 2020 Presidential race. She makes the entry in the Democratic field which is increasingly developing and would be considered as the third woman candidate so far to look for the nomination of the party.

The US Senator told Stephen Colbert on a reality talk show, “ I’m going to run for president of the United States”, claiming her aims will involve the development of health care for the American families, who have special interests and installed systems of power in Washington and combating against the political “greed and corruption”.

Kirsten Gillibrand added in the interview set, “ I know that I have the compassion, the courage, and the fearless determination to get that done”.

The 52-year-old from upstate New York informed that she was constructing a probing committee, a vital legal step for a candidate to run for President, just before she frequently visits the early voting state of Iowa.

She was assigned to fill the seat of Hillary Clinton’s US Senate in 2019 while at the end he became the secretary of the state. Gillibrand was appointed in November to complete her second entire term.

The next Presidential election is still away more than 650 days, but Gillibrand is making entry what will be a stunning field for the right challenge of Trump. A fellow female US Senator Elizabeth Warren and the substantial target of the infuriating billionaire President, has also introduced a probing committee, the same target of the Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who distributed military tours in Kuwait and Iraq.


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