Amid Screaming Over Child Detainees US Border Chief Escapes - TNBC USA

The in-charge commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection agency declared his resignation amid a public outcry over alarming detention conditions of migrant children in Texas.  John Sanders, hired to the post just two months ago, claimed in a letter obtained by several US media outlets that he decided to step down as acting CBP chief on 5th July.

The departure of Sanders conflicts with the disclosure of fouled detention conditions for the children at an overcrowded Border Patrol facility in Clint, Texas, a remark of the escalating strain on resources due to mounting numbers of arrests at the US-Mexico border.

The conditions at the center in Clint were stated by a group of lawyers, doctors, and others, who visited the facility about 20 miles Southeast of El Paso.

Almost 250 children were shifted out of Clint but a CBP official said that some 100 were returned back there.

A researcher with Human Rights Watch, Clara Long accompanied the team and wrote, “ the three-year-old before me had matted hair, a hacking cough, muddy pants, and eyes that fluttered closed with fatigue”.

Long said, “his only caretaker for the last three weeks in a United States Border Patrol chain-link cage and then a cell… his 11-year old brother ”.

She claimed, “children at Clint told us they don’t have regular access to showers or clean clothes, with some saying they hadn’t been allowed to bathe over periods of weeks and don’t have regular access to soap ”.

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