American Troops Bombed Own Airbase In Syria Ahead Of Withdrawing - TNBC USA

On Sunday, American armed forces have destroyed their own airbase in Northeastern Syria’s Al-Hasakah Province, ahead of abandoning it and withdrawing troops, said a local source from Syria. 

The United States of America has bombed its military base with landing facilities for transport aircraft in the Tal Baydar Settlement, located near the town of Tal Tamr, where the battle between the US-backed Kurdish forces and Turkish troops is underway, said sources. 

According to the report, the US-based military forces are preparing to strand another airbase in Al-Hasakah, near As-Sabheyeh Dam. 

On October 7, America has announced that it would withdraw troops from Northeastern Syria, two days ahead Turkish has introduced its military operation in the area with the declared object to clear it of terrorists and the Kurdish Militia, which for Ankara are replaceable. The White House has said at the tenure that it wouldn’t “support or be involved” in Turkish operation. 

A week after, the United States Defense Secretary Mark Esper has said that an additional 1000 troops would be withdrawn from Northeastern Syria for the sake of the US troops to not end-up confined between rival armies. 

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