American Mountaineer Colin O'Brady Completes Solo Trek Across Antarctica - TNBC USA

An American adventure has become the first person for completing a solo across Antarctica without the assistance of any kind.33 years old Colin O’Brady took 54 days to complete the around the 1,000-mile crossing of the frozen continent from north to south.

Voyage of O’Brady was trailed by GPS and live updates of the trip were provided daily on his website An Englishman, Army Captain Louis Rudd of 49 set off individually on 3rd November from Union Glacier in a bid to be the first to end a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica.

A Norwegian polar explorer, Borge Ousland, made the 1st solo crossing of Antarctica but he was wind-assisted by Kites on his voyage.

O’Brady and Rudd set off on cross-country skis trailing sledges called pulks which contemplated around 400 pounds.

O’Brady arrived in the South Pole on 12th December on the 40th day of his journey. He reached at the ending point on the Ross Ice Shelf on the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday after covering an entire of 921 miles. Rudd is about a day or two behind.

O’ Brady wrote on Instagram, “I wonder, would be possible to do one straight continuous push all the way to the end ”.?

“By the time I was lacing up my boots the impossible plan had become a solidified goal,” he said. “I’m going to push on and try to finish all 80 miles to the end in one go. ”


The New York Times stated O’Brady’s effort as among the “most remarkable feats in polar history ”, ranking alongside the 1911 “Race to the South Pole” between Norway’s Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott of England.

In 2016, an English army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Worsley, lost his life while trying to complete an unaided solo crossing of Antarctica.

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