On Sunday, the United States President Donald Trump has said that he will not commit to keeping the federal government open past a late-November funding deadline, raised the vision of a shutdown battle as the House of Democrats has extended their impeachment probe.

Several top Democrats, including New York’s Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have raised voice concerns that the US President may seek to shut down the government to switch the public attention from the on-going impeachment fight.

When enquired about those concerns, President Trump told sources outside the White House that he does not think the Democrats “believe that at all”. In reply to another query about whether he will commit to avoiding a government shutdown, the US President refused to comment.

“I wouldn’t commit to anything,” Donald Trump that “it depends on what the negotiations are.”

In the occasion of a shutdown, many federal contractors and workers would go without pay. However, the Congress Members would continue to receive their part, although some have voluntarily required donating their pay during earlier shutdowns.

During the thirty-five-days partial shutdown that took place in 2018, several lawmakers have said that they were donating or refusing their pay as long as any part of the government remained closed.

This time around, Congress Members have to face the deadline on November 21 by which to pass the twelve appropriations bills that keep all federal agencies funded. In September, lawmakers have passed a short-term spending bill, and it appears that they may seek to pass the same substitute measure in November.

The matter of complication is that the House is on recess this week; means that lawmakers have eight legislative days during which to act ahead of the current funding expires.

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