On Thursday, Washington has warned the United States citizens to “exercise increased caution” when travelling to Hong Kong, as angry protesters declared 3 days of new demonstrations at airport. 

The fiscal hub has been rocked by 2-months of unrest, initially started by opposition to a planned law that would have permitted extraditions to mainland China. 

It has evolved into a wider movement for democratic recast that has created serious trouble in the city and sometimes with violent protests. 

On Thursday, the United States State Department has warned citizens to “exercise increased caution,” upgrading its previous advice to “exercise normal precautions.”

The alert noted that demonstrations in the city have been peaceful “but some have turned confrontational or resulted in violent clashes.”

The advice adds that “these demonstrations, which can take place with little or no notice, are likely to continue.”

The warning was issued after the nations, including Britain, Australis, Singapore, Ireland, and Japan has issued heightened travel alerts for Hong Kong.  

Images of clashes between aggressive protesters and police firing tear gases in Hong Kong have made today’s headlines, and China have given its serious warning yet to the pro-democracy demonstrators.  

But the aggressive protests are likely to continue, with demonstrators planning 3-days of rallies at the city’s airport. 

On Monday, a general strike was called by protestors encountered over 160 flights cancelled and transport in the city paralysed. 

The flagship carrier of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific didn’t immediately replied to a request for comment on the proposed rallies at airport. 

A statement on the Hong Kong International Airport’s official website claims that the protests were not expected to disrupt operations.

It continued, “Airport Authority Hong Kong is aware that there have been calls posted online for a public assembly at the airport on 9-11 August. The airport will operate normally.”

It further urged the aggressive passengers to “allow sufficient time for travelling to the airport” and to check flight status information before approaching the airport.

On July 26, protesters have gathered at the airport for a demonstration, shared their message with tourists arriving at the busy transport hub. However, the protest was peaceful and did not interrupt flights.

Bookings of Cathay Pacific has been dropped as the crisis continued in Hong Kong, warned Chairman John Slosar.

He said, “The protests in Hong Kong reduced inbound passenger traffic in July and are adversely impacting forward bookings.”

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