After Random Shootout By Gang, 21 Dead Bodies Has Been Discovered On US Mexico-Border - TNBC USA

After a random shooting by a drug-gang in a nearby town at the US-Mexico border region, 21 bodies had been discovered by the Mexican authorities. Later in the day, the US President Donald Trump visited the US-Mexico border zone.

Few of the victim’s body which was rescued from the border-town Miguel Aleman, around 170 miles from McAllen in Texas city where the US President visited to instigate his long-demanded border wall issue, were terribly burned.

According to the statement of the security representative of the Tamaulipas state, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, “We have reported there was a shootout yesterday (Wednesday) between two criminal groups that ended with 21 people dead”.

He added, “Some of them were burned. Seven vehicles were also located… It was a confrontation between two rival groups that are involved in a turf war over drug-trafficking routes.

He said in a remote area the dead bodies were found by the Mexican Army. In Mexico, Tamaulipas has become one of the most violent states as the illegal drug suppliers always combat with each other for securing their strategic position and market of profit on the US border.

Mexico has been badly affected by the drug-dealing violence in the recent years – which is pondered deeply by the US President Donald Trump and he demanded to construct the border wall for keeping away the violent criminals and narcotics.

In McAllen, where the US President Donald Trump was meeting with border patrol agents not so far from the crime affected Tamaulipas. The security department of the United State has issued the most severe travel alert for the states due to increasing violent crime, recognizing the alongside countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.



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