After PM Khan’s Visit, “Time To Build Upon Commitments”, Says United States - TNBC USA

In awaken of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first official visit to the United States, wherein PM Khan met the United States President Donald Trump and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the United States claims that it was time to “build upon commitments” made by him.   

The State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus told reporters, “We are committed to peace in Afghanistan. We think that was an important step. And there was a number of issues that were discussed not only in the President’s meeting but with the Secretary’s meeting as well, and now is the time to build upon that meeting and build upon those commitments.”

Describing PM Khan’s meeting with President Trump and Mr. Pompeo as an “initial” one, Ms. Ortagus claims that this offered chance to the US President and the secretary to meet the Pakistani Prime Minister for the first time and develop a personal connection and bond.

Ms. Ortagus continued, “Now we think it is time to make progress on the success of this first meeting. I would note one of the things that the prime minister said that he vowed to urge the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.”

She further said that the United States was committed to fighting against terrorism.

“When it comes to fighting terrorism, you have a secretary of state who has been committed to this his entire career and that is something that he is always going to raise with allies and friends and whoever comes to the table,” added Ms. Ortagus.

She claims that the United States is working closely with Pakistan to get hostages released.

“We are working closely with the Pakistanis on recovering them. We think his (Imran Khan’s) statements were helpful and we are of course hopeful that there will be some action proceeding those statements,” said Ms. Ortagus.

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