US President Donald Trump has said that the delayed 10-city raids on the illegal immigrants will start after the 4th July holiday. The US President told reporters in the Oval Office on Monday while signing the USD 4.6- billion border sponsoring deal to manage the wave of migrants from Central America at the border between Mexico and America.

The US President said last month to delay the rush for two weeks to observe if Republican and Democratic legislators can get together and work out a resolution, ramming for sanctioning new restrictions on asylum laws which was rivaled by Democrats who control the White House, reported by Xinhua.

The two-week delay was chiefly consumed by the recess of July 4, while legislators are not in Washington. The raids, outlined by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was set to aim up to 2,000 migrant families confronting deportation orders in 10 cities, along with Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Miami, New York, and San Francisco, based on the cases filed on 10 immigration court locations.

The operations escalated worries about more family separations. Both Los Angeles and Chicago mayors said their cities would not assist in the raids. Once arrests occurred, families will likely be shifted to the ICE family residential detention center as the agency works with consulates for obtaining travel documents, according to the media reports.

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