After Getting A Facetime Call From Son, US Man Reached School With Ak -47 Mini - TNBC USA

At the afternoon of Monday, Christopher Freeman told police that he got a Facetime call from his young son.

According to Freeman, the boy is a student at Bear Lakes Middle School in West Palm Beach of Florida and he was crying claiming that he had been “berated” by a teacher. The call ended.

One hour later, 27 years old Freeman, had been seen at the school and then he was carrying a loaded semi-automatic gun.

Freeman claimed, “ I want to see the guy who slammed my son,” Freeman said, according to a police report. “I’ve got something for him”.

The district police reached the school of Bear lakes, and Freeman had been arrested and accused of keeping of a firearm on the school boundary, as well as provoked assault with a weapon and interrupting a school function. His bond was fixed at $ 75,000, as per the report of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

As per the arrest report from the County school police of Palm Beach, an assistant principal of the Middle school had called in that afternoon to discuss the incident about his son.

Freeman told while he replied in the phone, “ If this isn’t my son, you’re all dead”.

Freeman told the assistant principal he was on his way to the school. The principal alerted police, and an officer met Freeman in the main hallway inside the Middle school, according to the arrest report. While Freeman was in a wheelchair, the officer started led him into the main office.

According to the police, Freeman told, “ You’re going to need more than what you’ve got because of what I’ve got”, while he was answering in his phone, the Principle informed the police.

Freeman informed authorities that he bought that gun from one of his friends about a year ago for using for safeguarding and had no other criminal intention to attack anyone, as per the arrest report. Freeman also told the authorities he had forgotten the gun was there because he carries it all the time.

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