After Alert, US University Concern Probable Loss Of Chinese Students - TNBC USA

The warning of China about the risk factor of the students who are coming to the United States for the study or research purpose could cause a vital challenge for the higher education because China is the biggest resource of the international enrollment for the US colleges and universities of America.

In the United States, there were more than 360,000 Chinese students in the 2017-2018 academic year, as per to the Institute of International Education, more than triple the count from nine years earlier US schools benefit from the tuition they pay, educators say, and the global perspective they add to campuses.

But the flow of the students has drawn inspection from the US President and legislators prudent of China. The officials have interrogated whether Chinese-sponsored Confucius Institutes based on college campuses which boosted Chinese language and culture, representing a spying threat. Meanwhile, there are reports that the State Department reinforced the review of the Chinese applications for getting student visas. And the tensions between China and the United States have emerged over tariffs and trade disputes.

In Beijing, Chinese educational personnel Xu Yongji regretted what she called the politicization of “normal China-US educational exchanges. Xu said the government is suggesting the students boost their risk assessments before deciding to study in the United States.

A State Department personnel, who  rebuke on the condition of anonymity, said through an email the United States “ rejects the unfounded allegations of a widespread and baseless campaign to deny Chinese visas.” The official included, “ we welcome Chinese students and scholars to the United States to conduct legitimate academic activities.”

The Senior Vice President of the US Council on Education Terry W. Hartle said, “all college and university presidents want to have an internationally diverse campus because our students are going to exist in a globalized world ”. He also added, “ but for a number of reasons, there are more concerns about international students enrolling at colleges and universities than I remember in the last 25 years.”

Hartle also included, “ campus officials are worried that international students could become pawns in a trade war.”

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