West Palm Beach: Before jury selection was set to begin in a trial yesterday against billionaire sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein (65)  who alleged abuse underage, now the case settled, ending nearly a decade of legal wrangling between Epstein and a lawyer who represents the women.

The Billionaire has connections to President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton, was at the centre of the case here in Florida, where he is alleged to have molested dozens of girls at his Palm Beach mansion when they were teenagers. As part of a fundraising scheme, Epstein had been suing attorney Bradley Edwards, alleging that Edwards helped gin up false accusations.

“False and Hurtful allegations” Epstein apologized he made against Edwards. Epstein was not present in court, and he did not directly apologize to the women Edwards represents. But Edwards said the women, now in their late 20 and early 30s, can take solace in the outcome of the case. Edwards also said “ This not only vindicates me, but it also vindicates them and their credibility”

A gifted financier Epstein, with connections throughout the nation power elite, pleaded guilty to felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and received a sentence of 13 months in jail that gave him a level of freedom, he was allowed to leave his jail cell during the day.

The development stopped and with potentially revealing details about Epstein alleged abuse, what was expected to be a 10-day trial. But the drama isn’t over: Edwards and Scarola are still trying to overturn the non-prosecution agreement that Acosta arranged, and they vow to have the women speak openly about what happened.

Edwards said “ in that case, as many victims as want to testify will be able to testify. The number that was identified by the US attorney is 36 to  40 women. There are more. It depends on how far you want to go. The operation was to recruit underage females, then have those underage females, then have those underage females recruit others. It is like a spider web of child molestation”

With an Apology, Epstein’s read by his attorney, Scott Link, explained that the lawsuit he filed against Edwards was an attempt to continue pursuing cases against him.

In a statement, Epstein said “ Despite my efforts, he continued to be an excellent job for his clients and, through his relentless pursuit, held me responsible. I am now admitting that I was wrong and that the things I said to try to harm Mr. Edwards reputation as a trial lawyer were false”

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