Across the US, Canada Bitcoin Emailed Bomb Threats - TNBC USA

Reckless bomb threats were sent via email to the dozens of public and corporate buildings across the United States and Canada challenging payment in cryptocurrency, but none of the threats was immediately discovered to be reasonable according to the law enforcement officials.

Beginning briefly before 2 pm EST, the police departments in the major US cities coast to coast started detailing on Twitter that countless local business had accepted the emails stiffly worded with threats to set off a bomb unless a bitcoin payment of $20,000 was accepted.

Into the security sphere more than two hours, no actual explosives had been discovered according to the authorities. But the ultimatum prompted brief banishment of a Toronto subway station and a newspaper office in Raleigh, in North Carolina. Some public schools and business were also vacated as a safeguard.

Among the cities, where bomb threats were broadcasted by the authorities on the official Twitter accounts were New York, in Detroit, San Francisco, Denver, Ottawa, Calgary, Oklahoma, Alberta.

Police at the University of Wisconsin in Madison posted an image which was taken of a main threat in the Twitter account to be distributed that said in part: “ Good day. There is an explosive device (lead azide) in the building where your company is conducted. It is assembled according to my guide. It is compact and it is covered up very carefully. It can not damage the structure of the building, but in case of its explosion you will get many wounded people”.

Police in Cedar Rapids, Iowa reported the same kind of email threats accepted by several businesses there but had discovered “no credible evidence any of these emails are authentic ”.

The FBI has commenced an enquiry about the matter but the reliability of the current batch was not urgently established, according to the law enforcement officials.

An FBI representative told in Los Angeles, “ We are aware of threats being made in cities across the country. We remain in touch with our law enforcement partners. We encourage the public to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities that could represent a threat”.

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