Accused of Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh Pleads Not Guilty - TNBC USA

Being accused of murdering 11 worshipers in a synagogue of Pittsburg, the man who was not guilty appeared like an obstinate with aggression in the federal court while three more dead had been buried by the Jewish community.

A recognized anti-Semite named Robert Bowers of 46 years old who was wearing a red jumpsuit and had a bandage in his left arm was brought in the US District Court in the Western District of Pennsylvania before Judge Robert Mitchell.

Speaking less, he realized the accusation against him and it can prompt the death penalty for him. Then he executed the plea of being not guilty. He also appealed for a jury trial.

During the mass killing which is considered as the worst attack in the recent history of the United States, by the anti-Semitic at the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill of Pittsburgh, Bowers got injured in a severe encounter with a police.

In a cloudy morning, the relatives and friends mourned into the Ralph Schugar Chapel for the funeral of 86 years old Sylvan Simon, his wife 84 years old Bernice. The husband was a retired accountant and the wife was a retired nurse.

A custodian at Tree of Life, Augie Siriano told that the couple always brought chocolate chip cookies for him and the husband Sylvan  Simon was often talked about the Steelers professional football team of Pittsburgh. According to him, “they were simply graceful and wonderful people”.

Friends and family were waiting to pay their last respects at the funeral for 65 years old Richard Gottfried who was a dentist and practised with his wife, Peg. Dr Jane Segal, the dentist graduated from Pittsburgh University said, “Gottfried was a wonderful man and wonderful dentist”.

Including four police officials, totally six people got wounded before the accused shot by police and surrendered.

Robert Bowers has been accused of giving threatening at the midst of the Sabbath prayer service using three pistols and a semi-automatic rifle.

This killing case will be prosecuted in the federal court against Bowers. The US Justice Department professed that this case is a national interest for protecting freedom of the religion which should be guaranteed by the US Constitution.

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