According to US Envoy, ‘Real Strides’ Prolonged Negotiations Between US and Talibans - TNBC USA

The negotiators of both sides, US and Taliban enfolded the current round of marathon pace discussions with “ real strides” on Monday but nothing has been resolved in form of an agreement for pulling out the troop, informed by the US special envoy.

The special US  representative wrote on Twitter, “ just finished a marathon round of talks with the Taliban in #Doha. The conditions for #peace have improved. It’s clear all sides want to end the war. Despite ups and downs, we kept things on track and made real strides”.

He also added, “Peace requires agreement on four issues: counter-terrorism assurances, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan dialogue, and a comprehensive ceasefire. ” he also informed about the agreement “in a draft ” based on the first two issues.

Khalilzad included the next step would be talking in Washington but alerted that, “there is no final agreement until everything is agreed ”.

The discussions in Doha emphasized on the pulling out of US troops and pledges that guerrillas would not own the territory of Afghanistan to execute the terror attacks in future – one of the prime targets of American policy in the rising of the 9/11 attacks back in 2011.

The Taliban spokesperson told, “ Progress was achieved regarding both these issues”. He added, “ For now, both sides will deliberate over the achieved progress, share it with their respective leaderships and prepare for the upcoming meeting.”

The Afghan government, which had no involvement in the Doha negotiations, told the progressive result was pleasing. The representative of the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Haroon Chakhansuri wrote in the twitter, “ We hope to witness a long term comprehensive ceasefire with the Taliban and hope that direct negotiation of (the) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban begin soon”.

On the matter of troop withdrawal, it had been uttered that within five years US troops could leave Afghanistan as part of a deal to reach a resolution for ending the almost 18-year long war.

The Taliban have invited for the pulling out US troops much quicker, around six months. There are recently 14,000 US troops deployed in Afghanistan territory. Following the marathon discussions in January in which the US and the Taliban departed with a drafted framework on the two issues, the recent summit attempts to decide the way of resolution making.

Discussions also arranged between the Taliban and Afghan opposition groups in Moscow in February. Even during the recent negotiations, in Doha, ongoing violent attacks in Afghanistan has not been stopped.

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