According to Guaido, Maduro Government Is Not Capable of Arrest Him - TNBC USA

The opposition Venezuelan leader, Juan Guaido claims himself as a free man because the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro is afraid of the outcomes of arresting him. Juan Guaido stated in an interview, “because they’re scared. Those that try to spread or generate a perception of control are the ones that don’t have it ”.

His comments released just hours before one of his closest allies detained by security forces with the intelligence agency of Venezuela, known by the Spanish acronym. According to the opposing leaders, as well as pro-government in Venezuela Edgar Zambrano was detained outside of his headquarters of Democratic Action Party.

The familiar media crew to the matter, in the Caracas neighborhood of La Florida, noticed the car of Zambrano to be taken over by nine SEBIN officers. Juan Guaido posted on Twitter, that the government of Nicholas Maduro had kidnapped the Vice President of the opposition-controlled by the National Assembly.

He also tweeted, “they are trying to break up the body that represents all Venezuelans, but they will not achieve it ”.

The National Assembly President Juan Guaido has been accused by the Maduro Government and the several other opposition leaders of planning a sudden attack on 30th April. In an interview from his office, Juan Guaido was at times indistinct and indefinite while attempting to describe the failure of the political insurgency.

He said, “we have offered amnesty, perhaps not enough. We have to insist. Now there is a fundamental element — the armed forces — they will have an important role not only in the transition but the reconstruction of Venezuela ”.

Asking if US military interruption was still an alternative, Juan Guaido suggested it would be one of the final options and defined that military action did not emerge from the United States. He said, “ and this is the option of force — it doesn’t have to be foreign, it doesn’t have to be international. The military is very unhappy and that is the option of force, it could be local”.

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