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A mysterious package for President Trump fallen from the sky into a field of Bedminster, New Jersey, where the President is enjoying his vacation. The package contains a box, with a message inside for the President of the United States.

The white square box with a red parachute attached to it, On Tuesday just before the noon landed in Kendall Park’s field, which is almost 20 miles away from the President’s golf course. The package containing the white box has a handwritten message inside it, reports the researcher, “NASA Atmospheric Research Instrument NOT A BOMB! If these lands near the President, we at NASA wish him a round of gold.”

Police report that the box, inside the package, was creating a ‘hissing sound.’ Solar Panel employees exclaimed that they were not concerned about the package.

“We just had a package – I’m not making this up – parachute onto my site,” one of the callers said in a recording published by NBC 4. “There’s a note on the side that I find disturbing. It references something about the president.”

A mysterious box fallen from the sky for Donald Trump | US.tnbclive.com

The box was expected as something terrifying and the bomb squad was sent to the site for evaluation, reports source. The package was further investigated by Secret Service but it revealed a curious fact that the box was not sent by any terrorist to the President but by the US own NASA team. The box contains a weather calculating device, one of which among the six was released by Scientist on Sunday. Photographs show that the box contains black-red wires inside.

Police Department of South Brunswick said in a statement that “The weather researchers were apologetic for any concerns they had raised by the handwritten a note on the device.”

J.D. Harrington, a spokesman of NASA in a statement explained the mishap in detail. He said that the box contains an ozone-measuring balloon, which has been released as a part of an air-quality study. Rutgers University is involved with the air-quality research and this box was released from their site only.

Harrington said that “because the instruments are often found after they float back to Earth, they include notes informing the public of their research purpose.” He continued, “In this instance, a summer student employee, not affiliated with Rutgers, added extra text, in a misguided attempt to be light-hearted.”

A mysterious box fallen from the sky for Donald Trump | US.tnbclive.com

However, only one out of the six other launched weather instruments has been yet recovered, reports source. Harrington further added that the student was excluded from this research project as the agency operates to standardize such instruments labeling process.

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