A Mentally Unstable Woman Stabbed Martin Luther King - TNBC USA

In an afternoon of September 20 in 1958, the representative Martin Luther King junior was signing books in the shoe section in a Department Store of Blumstein in Harlem while a well-dressed woman wearing imitation glasses moved out of the long line and yelled: “ Is this Martin Luther King”?

King counted from signing copies of his first book, “ Stride Toward Freedom:  The Montgomery Story,” his account about the Montgomery, at Alabama, bus boycott. The year-long embargo had led to a Supreme Court governing that racial isolation on public buses was against the constitution. And King, its leader was rising in national and international eminence.

King was then 29 and replied: “Yes, it is”. That is while Izola Ware Curry, the black daughter of sharecroppers, dragged a letter opener consisting an ivory handle from her purse and swung at King. The civil rights leader tried to prevent the attack. Curry sliced the hand of King before emerging a seven-inch blade into the left side of the King’s chest, according to the Martin Luther King, the junior research fellow of the Education Institute at Stanford University.

New York Daily News reported that the police had arrested Curry 42 outside the department store as he was trying to get into a taxi.

According to the Daily News, “A passerby quoted her as shouting, ‘I’ve been after him for six years ”.” I’m glad I did it.”

He added, “Detectives said she apparently was a mental case,” according to a 1958 Associated Press report, and had a loaded pistol concealed in the front of her dress.”




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