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United States has recently alleged two people, who were charged to act as Iranian government informers, stated in US Official statement.

On August 9, Majid Ghorbani and Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar were arrested being accused of monitoring Jewish and Israeli facilities in the United States. They were also alleged of gathering data on individuals in Washington, who was part of the opposition group of Iranian Mujahedeen-e-khalq, stated source from the D.C US Attorney’s office on Monday.

It said that “The indictment charged Doostdar and Ghorbani with knowingly acting as agents of the government of Iran without prior notification to the Attorney General, providing services to Iran in violation of US sanctions, and conspiracy.”

A man threats to shoot US President Trump, FBI investigates | US.tnbclive.com

The statement added that Doostdar had clicked security features as a surveillance efforts part on a Jewish facility on July 21, 2017, in Chicago. However, almost on September 20, 2017, Ghorbani accused of taking individual photos at a New York event where people were raising voice protesting against the Iranian regime.

Michael McGarrity, who is an acting Executive Assistant Director, said that “This alleged activity demonstrates a continued interest in targeting the US, as well as potential opposition groups located in the US.” He added, “The FBI will continue to identify and disrupt those individuals who seek to engage in unlawful activity, on behalf of Iran, on US soil.”

On Tuesday morning, Ghorbani is raised to appeal in DC District Court for is hearing detention. However, about Doostdar there were no further data.

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