A man and his family was threatened to kill by a leader of Pakistan political party - TNBC USA

According to Fairfax Country, Virginia, police and a search warrant, the head of a Maryland chapter of a prominent Pakistani political party has been accused of threatening to “slaughter” a man and his family in their Virginia home.
The 53-year-old Qaiser Ali of Maryland was arrested on Thursday. The accused had threatened to kill the unnamed victim through a message and video in Urdu and posted on Twitter, said police. Police have not revealed the cause of the threats.
Ali is the head of the Baltimore, Maryland, division of the MQM party which is secular and has a base of support in Pakistan’s Karachi. The police translated the tweeter post which is, “We the loyalist faithful workers of Brother Altaf Hussain are, willing God, we will storm through and kill (slaughter) you in/at the house.”
As per the search warrant, the victim told police that they are afraid of losing their lives as they knew people who had been implemented at the direction of MQM leadership. Through an email the detective Chad Mohney wrote, “There was no indication that the suspect made any plans to carry out the threat that was communicated.”
Mahoney wrote that police had not uncovered any evidence that Ali possessed weapons or knew the victims’ address. Ali was sent a message on Twitter but he did not reply. Fairfax County police launched their investigation in November after the victim contacted them about the Twitter message. Messages to the Baltimore chapter of MQM and the national organization were not returned.

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