On Wednesday, an unrecognized gunman shot 5 till death in a series of shootings and then took away his own life in Southern California, reports Police.

First, the gunman killed his wife and a man of a trucking company in California’s Bakersfield, reports Kern Country Donny Youngblood at a news conference.

The unknown murdered than killed another man from the same company before he shot himself and died in front of a sports store.

Later at a residential area, the gunman shot another two men till death. He then hijacked a car from a woman and her son before he shot himself when he confronted by a sheriff’s deputy, said Youngblood.

The entire incident of killing 5 people and then shot him, took almost 10-15 minutes, he said.

Youngblood described the scene as a mass shooting and said, “This is the new normal if you look across the country.”

He continued that “Six people lost their lives in a very short period of time.”

A Gunman shot 5 then killed himself, Cops reports in California | US.tnbclive.com

The investigation team is working hard to conclude “why this started and why so many players were involved and the connection because obviously these are not random shootings,” reports Youngblood.

However, he could not disclose all the victim’s identities.

The woman and her son, from whom the gunman hijacked the car was unharmed, added Youngblood.

A pistol was recovered by Cops from the incident spot. He continued that investigating department was about to interrogate over 30 witnesses to conclude the reasons behind the incident.

In California, Bakersfield constitutes of 375,000 people and it is situated over 185km (115 miles) northeast to Los Angeles.

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