71-Year-Old US Man Raped Children For A Decade, Has Been Charged Now - TNBC USA

A 71-year-old man was detained on 50 counts of first-degree rape on April 9. After three days, he was accused of 50 more counts.

The reported rape started in the early 1970s and continued over a decade, informed Lt. Stephen Phillips of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff’s Office. The incident allegedly took place in Pineville, Louisiana, to children under 13-years of age.

Harvey Fountain has also been charged in those cases.

According to Phillips, the decades-old charges came to light on April 11, when one of the victims has revealed the reported abuse to local authorities and claims there may be some other victims as well.  

He reported, “One victim came forward and was aware of others that may have been a victim of Fountain’s.”

“After additional interviews, additional victims were located,” said Phillips, though he wouldn’t say how many. “And we still have more to interview.”

Under the Louisiana law, if the complainant is under 13, any type of sexual intercourse comprises of first-degree rape and there is no statute of restrictions for the offense in Louisiana.

On Friday, Fountain was accused of 100 counts, which consists of more than one victim and took place on several dates.

Phillips also confirmed that Fountain was known to the reported victims, but the lieutenant wouldn’t discuss the specifics of an ongoing probe.

Fountain took place in Rapides Parish on $1 million bonds, reports the local records office. However, the grand jury date is yet to be set.

The Rapides Public Defender’s Office also refused to tell The Post, who was representing Fountain.

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