7.8 Magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Alaska - TNBC USA

An Earthquake of 7.8M struck the coast of Alaska on Tuesday at 10.12 P.M. Local time. According to The US geological Servey, the epicenter was 98 Kilometer south-southeast of Perryville, Alaska. The quake was about 10 kilometers deep.

According to Michael West, Alaska State Seismologist, because of the location, the communities near Alaskan Penninsular did not experience any tremor. However, residents in small towns within 160 Kilometers of the center reported strong shaking. Also, mild tremors were felt 805 Kilometers away in the Anchorage area.

A Tsunami warning was issued post-event of the earthquake, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The warning was in effect south Alaska and the Alaska peninsula — Pacific coasts from Kennedy Entrance, Alaska (40 miles southwest of Homer) to Unimak Pass, Alaska, according to the Tsunami Warning Center. However, the tsunami warning was canceled afterward.

There have been at least 11 aftershocks recorded raging between 3.9 to 6.1 Magnitude. No report of property damage or life loss till now.

Alaska is known as the most active seismic State. Since January, almost 25000 earthquakes were recorded. The Alaska-Aleutian trench where an earthquake of 9.2 Magnitude took place in 1964. Followed by a Tsumani that caused widespread damage and killed 131 people.

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