37 Years Old Woman Along With Two Teenagers Assassinated in A US Luxurious Apartment - TNBC USA

The responsible security personnel asking the help of public for decoding the motive of a brutal crime in which a woman along with two teenage girls was discovered shot dead at a multi-million dollar housing complex in a pause gated community outside San Antonio in Texas.

While the boyfriend of the woman reached at the house briefly after 9 am, he found the dead bodies, told by the Bexar County Security Personnel, Javier Salazar to the reporters at a news conference near the scene.

The sheriff told the inspectors has supposed that two girls were the main victims of the murder but it was “ too early to tell” if the woman, who was connected to them, had also been murdered or had taken her own life.

All three dead victims who lost their lives from the deep wounds to the upper part of the body and were dead at the scene remarkably. Police refused to disclose the name of the victims or say how they were linked but family members recognized the woman to the local media as 37-year-old Nichol Olsen has three children.

According to Sheriff Salazar, the boyfriend who lived at home with the woman and two family members of her family was being interrogated by the assassination detectives but had not been disclosed the name of the suspect in the case.

The sheriff told, “It’s way too early to tell who’s a suspect and who’s a witness. The information we have right now is that that male did not stay in this house last night, he stayed elsewhere and returned this morning to find the three deceased.



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