Two women from North Carolina have been accused with sexual battery and second-degree abducting of a transgender woman in the bathroom of a Carolina bar according to Raleigh police. The dispute occurred on 9th December at Milk Bar in downtown Raleigh, according to an offensive report and 911 call made the next day. The caller, whose name was not disclosed, as per the report two women were harassed, abused and exposed themselves to an unknown victim in the bathroom.

It is not vivid whether the call was really made by the victim or someone noticed the alleged assault. The Associated Press reported that the victim was a 29 -year old transgender woman.

38 years old Amber Harrell and 31 years old Jessica Fowler were imprisoned and accused with sexual battery and second-degree abducting, according to the offensive report. The caller said the two continuing assault of the victim at the bar – despite the repeated prevention of the bartenders to stop. One of the women basically asked the victim whether she has a male genital part.

Although the argument allegedly started as an apparently friendly conversation, the drastic turn of events caused kindled the victim to have a panic attack in the bathroom, as per the allergy report.

According to the report of WRAL, Harrell was imprisoned over the weekend and the Fowler turned herself. The two became free on bond, and it was not clear whether they had lawyers.

In 2016, the Legislature of North Carolina passed HB 2, more habitually known as the “bathroom bill”, which needed individual to use public restrooms that relates the sex on their birth certificate, instead of their gender identity with especially affecting the transgender community.


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