13-Year-Old Accused Of “Disrespecting National Anthem” In United States - TNBC USA

A man from Montana has reportedly banged a boy’s head to the ground at a county fair as the teenage boy kept his hat during the National Anthem, reports a eye-witness to the local news sources. 

In a news release, Mineral County Sheriff Mike Boone said that the eye-witness has identified the accused as 39-year-old Curt James Brockway. He was arrested from the grounds of the country fair, situated in Western Montana Town of Superior, and accused of molesting a minor – a felony. 

However, the witness has refused to offer additional information on the reported assault, including the motive behind such activity. Another witness, named Taylor Henneck told sources that she has overheard the attack near the entrance of Mineral County Fairground, just as the National Anthem begin.

The woman informed that she has heard a “pop” and turned to find the boy lying on the fairground. 

Ms. Henneck told sources, “He was bleeding out of his ears, seizing on the ground, just not coherent.” As frighten spectators closed on Mr. Brockway, and Ms. Hennick claims that he has offered a simple defense for his activities. 

“He said (the boy) was disrespecting the national anthem so he had every right to do that,” added Ms. Hennick.

US Police said that the 13-year-old boy was immediately lifted to a nearby hospital and then shifted to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane. Sources informed that the teenage boy has suffered temporary skull fractures in the actions. The victim’s mother reported in the Police Station that her son’s ears bled for around 6-hours after the assault.  

The victim is to be released today from the hospital and recovered at home, she informed. 

The victim’s boy said in an interview that “It’s just a lot of pain in my head. I don’t remember anything – the rodeo – the helicopter – nothing.”

Controversy related to National Anthem dated back to 2016, when Colin Kaepernick was called attention to police cruelty and racial injustice by bowing as the National Anthem was played before the start of the match. He was largely criticized by many on political grounds, including the United States President Donald Trump, who has encouraged the team’s owners to eliminate players, who knelt during the National Anthem. 

It wasn’t detailed whether the accused had hired an advocate, though he was to be released on his individual recognition. Therefore, Mr. Brockway was also accused of assaulting a teenager with a weapon in 2010, resulted in his 10 years of probation sentence. 

Curt James Brockway’s indictment is set for August 14. 

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