US Student Were Served Cleaning Liquid Instead of Apple Juice - TNBC USA

After serving the Pine-Sol instead of Apple juice to the children for drinking during a snack time in the morning, the officials of preschool in Hawaii have pleaded for the mistake. According to the health officials, the mistake happened as the two liquids were “ the same colour”.

The incident occurred at the preschool at Kilohana United Methodist Church in Honolulu as the household cleaning liquid was supposed as health juice mistakenly. An assistant of the classroom made the snacks – which should have been apple juice and crackers – in the kitchen of preschool, according to an investigation report by the State Department of Health in Hawaii.

The classroom assistant picked a container of Pine-Sol instead of juice, a renowned brand of household cleaner that comes in a variable smell, though none familiar with apple juice.

The investigation report said, “The assistant saw the yellow/brown coloured liquid container on a cleanup cart in the kitchen and returned to the classroom with the crackers and container with liquid. The assistant poured the liquid into cups as the classroom teacher oversaw the students at the restroom”.

The report informed that the teacher of the classroom “ smelled that it was not apple juice and stopped the students from drinking it”.

Hence, Emergency Medical Services in Honolulu confirmed to The Washington Post that paramedical team tested three female students, within 2-5-year-olds and 4-year old who had taken at least sip from their Pine-Sol drinking cups.

The EMS representative of Honolulu, Dustin Malama told, “ We can confirm they were given a substance that was considered poisonous for human consumption. When our paramedics evaluated the children, they seemed perfectly fine and they were laughing and playing. It seemed like nothing had happened”.

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