Trump Recommend Heather Nauert As US Envoy Replacing Nikki Haley - TNBC USA

According to the familiar source, the  US President Donald Trump will recommend the name of Heather Nauert, the State Department Representative as US ambassador to the United Nations. Though, she has no previous familiarity with international agendas and political experience with sharp issues of the world.

The decision could be declared as early as seeking no known name. Nauert is a former correspondent, as well as anchor of Fox News Channel and her recommendation would require the confirmation of the Senate.

In 2017, in April she became representative of the State Department and was recruited earlier in this year as the provisional undersecretary for public diplomacy and affairs.

The media source confirmed that 48 years old Nauert would replace Nikki Haley who said she would be resigning from the post of UN at the end of the year. The State Department refused to comment Heather Nauert did not respond urgently to the request for comment.

Nauert, who had been appraised as a would be next-in-line to the White House representative Sarah Sanders, achieved experience on the negotiations by working at the State Department, but she has the deficiency of political and policy credentials of Haley, the former governor of South Carolina.

The direct support of the President, as well as the State Secretary Mike Pompeo, could reinforce her image among the global diplomats of the United Nations who have created hindrance at the foreign policy at Trump’s “ America First”.

After the confirmation of her job he will have to be ready, including promoting the efforts of US to accommodate the influence of Iran in the Middle East and verifying the global body which decides tough approvals on North Korea as Washington attempts to settle an end to nuclear and missile programs at Pyongyang.

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