Inside China’s Dystopian Dream- A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras

ZHENGZHOU, China- Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams, a police officer in the city of Zhengzhou was wrapped in facial recognition glasses, spotted a heroin smuggler at a station. Qingdao is a prominent city for its heritage, cameras fitted with artificial intelligence that often assist the cops to get hold of the culprits and suspects in the crime. About 24 suspects were taken in charge by the police amidst the huge crowd in the annual beer festival.

While the cameras helped identify an elusive murder suspect as he stopped by a street vendor to buy some food. The future of China is likely to be secure with those millions of security cameras that are being installed. The cameras pack brilliant features, namely the artificial intelligence and facial recognition. These are enough to record every activity a commuter, therefore, secure the 1.4 billion population.

“In the past, it was all about instinct,” said Shan Jun, the deputy chief of the police at the railway station in Zhengzhou, where the heroin smuggler was caught. “If you missed something, you missed it.”

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The Billboard of China displays the faces of jaywalkers and the individuals who have not paid their debts. The housing complexes are safeguarded with the help of the facial recognition cameras. Till this date, China has an estimated amount of 200 million cameras for surveillance which is four times that those in the United States.

Howbeit the other track systems track using the internet and communications, air ticket bookings, train trips and even in car travels. Abilities have been increased with such efforts that track the internet use and hotel stays, plane trips and more. Ambitions of China has been outstripping its dexterity. The crosswalks and train stations might be lacking in some block overs.

When talked about the Communist Party, it may not be a matter of concern. The Chinese authority has frequently stated and have overstated their capabilities in China.

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