After 6 days of Car Crashing, the Women has been Rescued

After 6 days of Car Crashing,  the Women has been Rescued

According to the police, a woman in the USA has been found alive in a car which blew off a highway and directly landed on a mesquite tree in Arizona.

According to the public safety department of Arizona, about 50 miles north of Phoenix, near Wickenburg on the national route 60, the 53 years old woman lost her driving control while she was travelling on 12th October.

In the statement of the state troopers, it has been known that she directly hit on the railing of the highway and has been thrown 50 feet distance into the tree where the car “remained suspended above the ground”.

They said, “ there were no apparent witnesses to the crash and it would be six days before the woman would be discovered by authorities”.

The troopers said in a statement,  on 18th October while a maintenance crew of Arizona Highway and a rancher were trying to cote a digressing cow, noticed a broken fence and the wrecked car which was still resided in the tree.

The troopers including the maintenance crew and rancher had not seen anyone inside the car but found ‘human tracks’ which led them towards a river bank.

Following that particular trace of 500 yards, the rescue team got a seriously parched woman along with severe wounds.

The woman informed that she was inside the car for several days and for weakness she could not be able to walk towards the track of the railroad. After the rescue, the woman was sent to the hospital by helicopter.

The Colonel of the Public Safety Director, Frank Milstead said in a statement, “due to the outstanding efforts of the rescuers the life of the woman was saved ” praising the diligence of the rescuers.


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