Pay a local to plan your trip? This new service may change travel bookings forever

A new service named ViaHero has been launched for $25 a day. This service hires locals on the ground to plan out the trips for the tourist, doing everything from picking up from the airport to lodging and staying to dining and sightseeing. This service unites lot of features together like accurate local recommendations, easy to do online bookings and the traditional way guidance of a travel agent.

As of now it is made operational in the nations of Cuba, Iceland, Japan and Colombia, plans are there to launch it in nations like Ecuador and similar other South American countries in this year itself. The trips are made to order to match any sort of budget. Tourists can be free with the

availability of the maximum amount of unstructured time they can wish for or ViaHero can even arrange tour guides, drivers and even personal chefs.

This service is often being compared to the likes of having a local friend who has the same interest like the visitor as the tourist sets to make his plans for the tour. As explained by the ViaHero CEO Greg Buzulencia in a latest interview.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 6, 2018

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