Natural spa: Head to the Dead Sea in Israel for a natural beauty treatment before it shrinks

Ever thought of reading a newspaper while floating smoothly on saline cobalt blue water which might give someone a feel as if he or she is on the top of the world in spite of being at the lowest point of the earth? As informed by Mr Hassan Madah, director of Israel ministry of tourism in India regarding this 3 million years old water body termed as the Dead Sea.

He claims that being one of the saltiest marine body in the world it will permit a person to float effortlessly and that person can even read a newspaper enjoying the calmness of te environment while relaxing freely on the water. As per him as one goes deeper within the water the feet and legs are automatically pushed upwards making one’s body feel lighter and as a result that person keeps floating naturally on the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is situated at 428 meters beneath the sea level and the water is 9.6 times more saline than any ocean water thus resulting the water to be fully impossible for any sorts of marine life to exist or survive. Madah also commented that people generally use the salt and minerals available from this water to make various cosmetics and similar types of herbal sachets.

As per various media reports the Dead Sea is reducing in a frightening rate about 3.30 feet every year mainly due to the diversion of water resources it depends upon, the extraction of minerals in such a hot and dry climates makes it all the more difficult for the lake to refill itself.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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