Women to power on the Navy warship and 'Golden arrows' squadron soon - TNBC USA

Sub-Lieutenants Kumudini Tyagi and Riti Singh will become the first women “airborne combatants” in the Navy to operate from warships. IAF has selected one woman fighting pilot out of 10 to fly the newly acquired Rafale jets from France.

This move is to ensure starting the gender equality in the 15 lakh strong armed forces. This decision came at the time the Army is conducting a special board this month to finally grant permanent commission to women officers. However there is still no plans to allow them in the ground forces with main fighting arms of infantry.

IAF already has their women force for transport and Helicopter for long. The induction of women to combat mission was restricted before on the ground of getting married and having children which will disrupt the tight schedule of a fighter. Also training a single fighter pilot cost near about 15 crores.

However, in recent years since 2016, the immutable mindset got changed after IAF inducted 10 Women as fighter pilots with Avani Chaturvedi marked the first to fly a solo sortie in a Mig-21 ‘Bison’ in February 2018.

IAF haven’t disclosed the name of the woman pilot since she is set to undergo “conversion training” to fly the jet with the 17 ‘golden Arrows’ Squadron at Ambala after becoming fully operational on MiG-21s.

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