As the top officials of both countries met to rebond their fractured ties, the Trump administration professed to Islamabad that they have decided to suspend all the aid to Pakistan until the notable progress against the terror groups has been seen in their safe haven of Pakistan.

National Security Advisor John Bolton and US State Secretary Mike Pompeo have justified their position in the separate meetings with Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the new Pakistani Foreign Minister, professing that the US does not see any kind of progress when they evaluate the activities of Pakistan against the several terror groups from the Pakistani Soil.

Considering the Pakistani influence over the Taliban, Trump administration decided to drag them to the negotiating meeting for ending the contention around seventeen years long.

Yesterday  Mike Pompeo met with Pakistani foreign minister Mr Qureshi for reconsidering the matters discussed in Islamabad meetings on the criteria of regional, bilateral and mutual interest on September 5.

According to the Heather Nauert the Representative of US State Department, Mr Pompeo commented that the US expected to work with the new government of Pakistan based on the mutual interests.

Mr Pompeo considered the significance of bilateral bonding between Pakistan and US for working together based on mutual priorities and beneficial cooperation to control the factors for stability in South Asia.

Nauert told in a statement that Mr Pompeo featured a mutual goal for securing peace and stability in the border region.

Particularly, Mr Pompeo highlighted the important role that Pakistan could play through the negotiating settlement in Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the Secretary knew well that there was a drive to move forward the proceedings for establishing peace in Afghanistan so that the Afghan Taliban could seize the opportunity.

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