North Korea introduced its campaign for the United States for returning a detained cargo ship owing to Pyongyang, alerting Washington that it had violated its dominion through a provocation which could influence “future developments” between the countries.

The UN Ambassador Kim Song arranged a rare news conference at the United Nations in New York for demanding the urgent return of the ship,  which the United States told earlier this month and it had blocked overcharges it was used for coal shipment in the violation of US as well as UN sanctions.

The UN Ambassador Kim Song said, “ the United States should deliberate and think over the consequences it’s outrageous act might have on the future developments. Also, the United States must return our cargo ship without delay”. He also added, “ we regard it as part of our territory where our sovereignty is fully exercised.”

According to him the detainment of the ship, which was called the “Wise Honest ”, openly resisted the spirit of the statement by the US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un after their first summit in Singapore in 2018 June. They promised to make new ties between their countries and work toward denuclearization proceedings of North Korea.

Earlier the US Justice Department claimed that the ship was blocked and confined to American Samoa. First, the vessel was detained by Indonesia in 2018 April.

A second summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un in Hanoi collapsed in February. With the discussions on the issues of denuclearization impeded, North Korea goes ahead with more weapon tests this month. And the tests were experienced as a protest by Kim Jong Un after declined his calls for the approvals relief at the Hanoi summit.

The UN Security Council has unitedly reinforced approvals on North Korea since 2006 in a bid to obstruct sponsoring for the nuclear and ballistic missile programs, rescinding exports along with coal, iron, textiles, leads, and seafood and also copying the imported crude oil, as well as refined petroleum products. Kim said, “ We will carefully notice every move of the United States.”

Kim informed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for asking him to introduce “urgent measures” over the issue UN representative Stephane Dujarric that the letter had been received. He also said, “we’re taking a look at it. The issue of sanctions, the implementation of sanctions, the interpretation of sanctions, is really a matter for the U.N. Security Council to decide and to discuss ”.

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