The Southern US State Governor of Georgia is looking forward to signing an ordinance to ban abortion as soon as a heartbeat is detected after legislators sanctioned the text which Hollywood celebrities pledged to fight. As one of the most politically discordant issues in the United States along with numerous states, abortion was expected to be limited for reckless access.

The lower house of Georgia approved the “heartbeat bill” which bans abortion as soon as the first beat of the embryo are perceived -since six weeks – something that happens while most mothers do n’t aware about their pregnancy.

Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican wrote in a statement, “ Georgia values life. We stand up for the innocent and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves”, congratulating the legislators.

The major human rights group of the country, the American Civil Liberties Union, took a vow for the legal challenge. Andrea Young, the executive director of ACLU for Georgia, claimed, “If Gov. Kemp signs this abortion ban bill into law, the ACLU has one message: we will see you in court ”.

Thirteen US states have researched or sanctioned the versions of the “heartbeat bill” this year. Although judges of Kentucky and Iowa prevented such laws, the target of those who boost the ratification is to reach the Supreme Court and move backward the access of abortion nationally, according to decided parenthood, the biggest organization supporting the abortion rights.

Abortion became legal in 1973 is approved by the US Supreme Court, with its decision in Roe v. Wade. Since establishing the office in 2017, US President Donald Trump has approved two justices to the Supreme Court who attempted to prevent abortion, directing activists who support rights to fear which Roe v. Wade could be reversed.

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